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Retirement Planning
Retirement Planning
Pensions are designed to enable you to save sufficient money to live comfortably after you have retired from work. There are many different types of pension used to save for retirement and we specialise in explaining, recommending and monitoring pensions for you. Below are the most common sources of pension to fund for your retirement.

The Basic State Pension – for people who have paid sufficient National Insurance contributions while at work or who have been credited with enough contributiuons. You can obtain information on your personal current situation including your state pension age and years of credits towards your basic State Pension from the pension service by using the following link:

An Occupational Pension Scheme – if your employer operates a pension scheme, or if you have left employment and have contributed to an ex-employer’s pension scheme it’s usually a good idea to find out about the benefits of the scheme.

A Personal Pension Scheme – open to nearly everyone and especially useful if you are self-employed of your employer doesn’t run a company scheme.